Poems by Cranston Stroup
Watercolors by Jeff Chapman-Crane

A numbered edition limited to 500 copies. There are thirteen original watercolors. The type was set by hand and the leaves printed on a hand-fed letterpress. The book is a work of art that makes a personal treasure or a special gift. Published by Creekside Press.

Erecting Russia's First Modern City, 1930

Published by Kent State University Press, this wide-format book is hardbound, with 225 pages and nearly 100 illustrations, most of these photos from the period. Creekside Press may not discount this book.

Moral Imagination in Industrial Culture,

Published by Creekside Press, this wide-format book is softbound, with 350 pages and more than 100 illustrations, most of these photos from the period.

Moral Imagination in Industrial Culture,
Book II, 1930-1945

Published by Creekside Press, this book is softbound, with 150 pages. 

A Combat Chaplain in World War II
Russell Cartwright Stroup
Edited with an Introduction by
Richard Cartwright Austin

Published by the University of Missouri Press, this is a hardbound book with 214 pages, maps and photographs. It is now distributed by Creekside Press.

The Measure of All Things

Moral Imagination in Industrial Culture,
Book III, 1945-1966

Published by Creekside Press, this book is softbound, with 233 pages.

These books deal with a common history and enrich each other. Each also makes an attractive gift.


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"Cranston Stroup was a gifted poet who wrote from 1925 to 1932. The most affecting aspect of Cranston's poetry is his creative use of floral imagery in natural, interpersonal, and spiritual settings.

"Jeff [Chapman-Crane] was entranced by Cranston's expressive spirit. His watercolors open another window to the beauty of Cranston's words." - from the introduction to Give God a Flower.

"The Austin family helped the Russians to have faith in their own ability to overcome problems." - Victor Reuther, United Auto Workers.

"Allan Austin and his wife brought a particular youthful curiosity and zeal to their experience in the Soviet Union. This is a compelling look at the hope for a 'better future' during the 1930's" - John J. Grabowski, Professor of History, Case Western Reserve University, on Building Utopia.

"To know my father was to know his God.  His century, with ever-recurring panics, economic depressions, and social upheavals, was the beginning of the industrial era.  My father's God was needed during these difficult years."  - Emma Cartwright Stroup in East of Cleveland.

"[Russell Cartwright] Stroup was a man of rare courage and character. Few chaplains volunteered for and endured infantry training to put themselves in harm's way as he did repeatedly. Perhaps the highest complement I can offer is that Stroup was someone I very much would have liked to know." - Carlo D'Este, noted military historian, on Letters from the Pacific.

"Your style, with its remarkable candor, is compelling, lucid, and exceptionally smooth --- a genuine joy to read."  - Marvin Epstein on The Measure of All Things.

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